12. July 2016


Throughout the two years of VASIE project, the following activities were implemented by the partnership with and for old people and disadvantaged youth:

  1. A review / analysis: Research and engineering of the learning device

This wasto build and define the common framework for the whole partnership in order to specify contents to be developed for each Collective Intergenerational Session (CIS) / learning device.

Thus, partners have collected data from a panel of future beneficiaries to identify needs which the learning device should meet during implementation.

Local good practices related to active ageing and intergenerational solidarity were sought by partners in their area to supply educational content.

All collected data were used as basis for writing of the specification which specified conditions for the development of the learning device.

  1. Modelling and testing of the learning device

The aim was to produce a training programme for seniors and youth which questions beneficiaries about adaptation to their (social and / or professional) environment, which promotes skills transfer between young and seniors and, through Collective Intergenerational Session, which gives them keys of success.

To make the educational output possible, it was necessary to:

– meet the specifications produced during the research ;

– structure content;

– produce formative and informative elements.

It meant working on the 3 most popular skills chosen by all participating countries, that is to say:

  1. (Re) adaptation to the environment (working life / social life);

  2. Communication & ICT (Information and Communication Technologies);

  3. Reinsurance: assertiveness (emotional intelligence) / self-esteem (confidence).

  1. Project website and virtual community

Now that they are finalized, all VASIE tools are available and downloadable from the project website. A virtual community of users has been created.