13. July 2016




CSF – Centro Servizi Formazione (in English may be Services Training Center) is an Licensed Agency in the Lombardy Region for the provision of Job and Education Services and deals with Vocational Training and training for employed and unemployed adults, a private entity equated to a public body.

CSF has three Company Locations, one in Pavia City, one in Milano Centre City and the last one in Vigevano (Pavia Province) we will open in September.

Main Areas of action are:

  • Vocational Training
    CSF has more or less 2 hundred youth everyday engaged in the school with two courses of study, Operators of Wellness – Estheticians and Travel Operators.
  • Health
    CSF deals with training and guiding of professionals working in health and social sphere, usually form a figure called “Social and Health Operator”, the same of a general Nurse in others Countries. CSF over the last two years has started to form a new high-level professional, the “Specialist in Biomedical Research”, in partnership with San Matteo Foundation, the biggest hospital of Pavia an one of the most prestigious in Italy.
  • Social Issues
    Through Local, National or European public funding, , CSF deals with of fragile people who are involved in social diseases, poverty, drug or other substance abuse.
    School Dropout, we have a pluriannual experience about support of young people involved in the early school leaving
  • Disability
    In agreement (mandate) with public institutions realize projects for inclusion, support and accompaniment to work for disabled people
  • Job Placement
    Through the Initiative of Lombardia Region called “Dote Unica Lavoro”, we design strategies for the young unemployed or adults unemployed, to try to find them new job opportunities.