13. July 2016





The Regional Institute of Vocational and Social Inclusion (IRIPS) is an association managing the following institutions or devices:

– Initial and continuing vocational training centres;

– Medical and Social Centres; Pre-Orientation Centre: www.preorientation-avvene.eu, Evaluation Unit, for retraining and Social and / or professional Orientation (UEROS) www.ueros-orizonte.eu ;

– Mutual Self Help Groups (GEM) – device addressing a public brain-injured whose goal is to foster long exchange, activities and meetings creating social ties and mutual assistance between members www.gemcorsica.com

– Resource Centre “A-reta”: documentary area open to professionals, beneficiaries, students …

The association:

– implements insertion and training activities for local authorities, State departments, associations, institutions and companies, as well as for people with disabilities, job seekers, employees, heads of institutions and companies;

– sets up training, research in health, social and medico-social sectors

– organizes reception, assessment, guidance, training, coaching and monitoring for people facing integration difficulties and / or vocational retraining.

IRIPS actions are implemented in 4 departments: professional insertion, social integration, medical & paramedic, and resource centre.