5. January 2016


VASIE project was highly innovative because it enabled young people and seniors to share their experience, expertise and complementarity. The aim was to develop specific training devices for them while putting social skills at the heart of the processes deployed during the project.

In order to achieve VASIE expected results, partners have developed:

  1. VASIE kit, translated into seven languages which comprises:

  1. a needs analysis and a collection of good practices ;

  2. modeling of learning device with production of content ;

  3. guidelines on how to implement VASIE kit.

  1. A booklet of tackled social skills which was handed out to participants at the end of the Collective Intergenerational Session. The booklet includes social skills useful in a work or in a social enviroment.

  1. The project website where the project results are accessible by the greatest number and, secondly, VASIE virtual community which will offer practical information, advice, recommendations… exchanged between project beneficiaries.

  1. Partners used project results and organised information and dissemination activities. Between September 2016 and March 2017, a seminar presenting VASIE project was organized locally by each project partner. The final VASIE conference took place in Austria in July 2017.