12. July 2016

Target groups

VASIE project aimed at implementing policies to promote active ageing and intergenerational solidarity in Europe while developing specific training for seniors and young people, or any person or organisation who would interact in their immediate surroundings.

More specifically, it was to work, primarily but not exclusively with the following two groups:

-Young and pre retirees enrolled in the transition stage following release of employment and entrance into retirement period,

Young people wishing to enter job market but facing difficulties to achieve this goal: disability due to educational difficulties; economic, social, geographical or cultural differences.

Each partner country piloted the tools developed within VASIE project in order to verify their effectiveness and adequacy. From the results of the piloting, a second version of tools were fine tuned.

Piloting has been conducted by a group consisting of 10 senior and 10 youngsters but also by two trainers / facilitators in each country of the Consortium, a total of 154 “learners”.

Once validated, tools have been implemented with final beneficiary groups composed of 30 seniors and 30 youth per country, totaling 420 people within the partners countries.